Happiness Shmappiness.

It is always so refreshing to be around people who are SET, people who are steadfast in what they believe.
Society today is filled with lots of ‘new-agey’ beliefs and lies, blurred lines about everything. A lot of people are not certain about ANYTHING. They have bought into the lie that happiness or convenience should be the determining factor of what a person ought or ought not to do. I cannot count the number of times I daily come across the statement “If it makes you happy, just do it. Your happiness is all that matters,” but is it really? And what is happiness anyway?
At what point is it advisable to discard happiness as THE determining factor in our decision making?
What if I see this lady and want to sleep with her but she is married? And she doesn’t want to sleep with me?
Do I, in selfish pursuit of my own ‘happiness’, rape her and just carry along? Because that will make me really happy.
What if it gives me joy to play mind games with people and lord my power over them? What if my happiness comes at great emotional and psychological cost to others?
Some people who self-harm have said that it helps distract them from the emotional pain or emptiness they feel; it’s a respite. That makes it an okay thing by many people’s definition because it after all offers relief. Does this mean they should carry on self-harming?

What happens when my happiness collides with another person’s and they are mutually exclusive?
What happens when my ‘happiness’ is a danger to my own self? What gives? And how much?

Study the life of anybody who ever amounted to anything great or achieved anything monumental and you’ll quickly find out that they were a person of strong convictions. That is what great leaders are made of. They believe steadfastly in a cause and then give themselves wholly to it. There are even negative examples of this but the principle is the same: the people who go on to shake the world are those who decide on something and believe in it with all their hearts. Steve Jobs believed in the vision of Apple, Adolf Hitler believed in being a beast, Nelson Mandela believed in freedom for all, and Osama bin Laden believed strongly enough in whatever he believed in to hold the whole world at ransom.

No great person who influenced the world positively ever did so on the basis of happiness. The sacrifices that have been made to bring the world to the place it is today were not a result of happiness or convenience. Was Tata Mandela content to rot in jail cells for a total of 27 years? The cause Mother Theresa dedicated her life to, did she so ardently follow it because it sent warm bursts of happiness to her belly? When your nation sends armies to war on foreign lands to defend you and your family, do these military men leave their families, comfort, safety and familiarity on the basis of happiness?
It is not progressive in any way to be a fickle person. There’s a common saying: if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything. There is nothing dignified about the refusal to have a strong value system just because you don’t want to impose on people’s ‘happiness’. Life is not made up of grey areas. The truly progressive people are the ones who take a stand, however unyielding or retrogressive it may appear. Progress in the early stages of its introduction seldom resembles progress at all anyway. But faithfulness and time reveals what is true.
Most of the ‘I’m not happy with it so I’ll make them change’ situations that arise today are just masks for the real thing, which is: I feel like I can, so I will. Everybody is wrong and I am right. The hard truth is that sometimes everybody is right and you are too self-important to realise that you are in the wrong. So what do you do? If you don’t like your gender, just change it. God forbids that it’s something wrong with your thinking or the beliefs you have bought into. No! Instead blame the Creator or whoever it is you are attributing (or blaming) your existence upon today. If you are not happy with your colleagues, don’t ever take a look at yourself and think about what you may be doing wrong; instead assume that all 44 people who work on your floor are wrong and just hate you or are envious of you. When your teachers correct you in school, discard sound counsel and boast that she’s just miserable and looking for company. When people report some bad behaviour in your children, never look into it. Stubbornly insist your children can do no wrong and pridefully discard the report.

What will you do when you run out of things to ‘DO’ to make you happy?

What this attitude does is breed a culture of selfishness. It’s all about me and I don’t care how my decisions potentially affect others. As long as I’m happy, it must be good. No successful civilisation has ever been built on selfishness. And if you watch any developed society that begins to operate with the principle of selfishness, what you see is a society on its way to implosion and self-destruction.
How far can you push the limits? What happens when you run out of limits to push? Those constraints are there to help you. You have been told that doing whatever you want will make you happy but does it? Your freedom to do as you please is not really freedom at all if it makes you into a will-less person. It is bondage. A very wise and influential man said “All things are lawful unto me but not all things are necessary.” Real freedom is not the kind that lures you into a sense of can-do, must-do. If you must do it simply because you can, if you indulge in every passing fancy and every stirring of your desire, your freedom is actually a snare. Take an honest look at your life and I’m sure you’ll be able to corroborate my assertions. Does doing whatever you want whenever you want always make you happy? Statistics have found that it does not! What you may misconceive as happiness is only a fleeting sense of excitement at having pushed the limits or achieved a long-desired goal. It rarely contributes to your actual long-term fulfilment and if anything, detracts from it.
What will you do when you run out of things to ‘DO’ to make you happy? When you’ve visited all the destinations on your bucket list and smoked everything that can be smoked, what will you do? When you’ve made all your body modifications, rebelled against authority on every level and completely completed your gender reassignment process, WHAT WILL YOU DO? What really is your end game?  Do you honestly believe that happiness waits at the end of these ‘things’ which you must commit your life to DOING?
It really doesn’t.
Happiness lives where you plant it.

At some point you need to acknowledge that the fulfilment you seek will not be found in doing but in being.

More to come… Lookout for the follow-up article.


I am Loved.

Often when I read the Bible, I imagine that I’m Zaccheus. I’m hanging up in that tree, fully conscious of all the errors of my ways, knowing that I’m willingly defrauding people and extorting them.

I imagine that I’m the woman who was caught in the very act of adultery. Brought before Him in my shame, possibly naked and bearing full evidence of my sins.

I imagine that I’m that leprous man. I desperately want healing. I don’t want to live in isolation because of my sins anymore.

I imagine I am the man who was born blind. When people look at me, they no longer see my humanness. They don’t see my need. They see me as a subject of argument and debate. Right within my earshot they debate whether my life is the mess it is because I sinned or because my parents sinned.

I like to imagine that I am the lame man at the gate called Beautiful. The Samaritan woman at the well. Rahab the harlot.

And then I see Him looking at me. His eyes land on me and He’s looking AT me, looking IN me. He’s seeing my hurt, acknowledging my need; the same ones that I’ve been told I have to live the rest of my days with. He looks and He sees the desires that I’ve been forbidden from expressing, wants that I’ve been forced to repress.

I hear Jesus calling my name. “Zaccheus. Sophie. Daughter”

I understand His heart as He extends an invitation to me, an invitation which is also a proclamation. I don’t know why but I know He’s here and He came for me. Here He is. What I see in His eyes is true, what I hear in His voice is no lie. His voice holds no accusation or condemnation, His countenance demands no explanation.

He reaches forth to touch me. Do you know how long it’s been since anyone held my hand? My sin separates me from people. They run away from me. I remind them too much of themselves. I bear a contagion: an evidence of my humanness. I am contagious. My failures are greater than any help that man may render.

But as He looks at me, it’s only Grace I see. From the reflection I see in His eyes, one word rings clear: BELOVED. He doesn’t see an addict, an adulteress, a leper or faithless person. He sees a person beloved, a precious daughter, a woman who ought not to be bound.

He not only acknowledges the hurts of yesteryear; He reflects the hope of tomorrow.

His one touch burns away my scars. Soothes my hurts. All at once I am healed and restored. The withered parts of me receive life. The dried roots within me connect with the source and begin to breathe. I watch in terrific awe as my maimed members begin to grow. What is this! I never thought this possible! I never DARED HOPE for this. I’m no longer a mangled mess of dismembered parts and dysfunctional systems.

His love completely changes me. But then, how can I not be changed in the presence of perfect love.

Sunrise on a New Season.

The chirping birdsong reaches my ears as brilliant daylight streams in through the windows behind me.

Usually I mind the light when I sleep but not this time. Because this time there’s an ethereal presence…

I can feel the esse of day spread out all of its arms to embrace me.
It is not one distinct feature it presses against me with-
Instead it wields its very essence and envelopes me in it,
Until I know.
I know as if by some weird osmosis that indeed! Day has come.

Never have I been more aware of the morning than I am now.
Right now, in here, bathed as I am in the light of a new day.

Goodbye… Hello!

The Blueprint Church

Psalms 51 is a Psalm of David, written after he was visited by the prophet Nathan concerning his sin with Bathsheba. The Psalm opens with David saying, Have mercy upon me, O God, according to thy lovingkindness: according unto the multitude of thy tender mercies blot out my transgressions.
This private conversation give us a look into the heart of David as a man but even more, into the heart of God. That a man, after committing such terrible sins as David did, would still turn to God says a lot about David’s understanding of God but even more about the heart of God that David knew. David didn’t come based on his good works: at this point he had NONE. He came under no guises and for that matter, he came making no grandiose promises of reformation. He just came on the basis of God’s lovingkindness and His…

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Sling or Sword?

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“…Then all this assembly shall know that the Lord does not save with sword and spear; for the battle is the Lord’s, and He will give you into our hands.”
Sometimes it may seem as if problems are coming at you from every direction and you are ill-equipped to triumph over them. You may be facing pressure from your career, school, your health, finances, and even the people in your life. You may feel like you have high quality problems, as if you’re being attacked on all fronts and you lack the resources to combat your problems.TBCheart

If you feel like that, let me tell you that you’re in good company. Imagine the terror that must have seized the hearts of the men of Israel as they cowered in dismay before their tormentor. There was a threat-spewing fear-inspiring towering Philistine warrior before them and they must have been expecting certain destruction…

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